Kossuth County Auditor

114 W. State Street | Algona , IA 50511 | Phone: (515) 295-2718 | Fax: (515) 295-3071 | Facebook

Office Hours: 8 am to 4 pm, Mon.-Fri.

As clerk to the Board of supervisors, the County Auditor accepts petitions, registers complaints and acts on routine business in the absence of the Supervisors. The County Auditor prepares the agenda, notifies the media, attends all board meetings, keeps and records minutes, and publishes the proceedings in the official county newspapers. The Auditor initiates bid notices, solicits proposals for county contracts for materials and services and receives contract proposals.

Your County Auditor is the official custodian of the County Courthouse under the direction of the Board of Supervisors.

Township and other county officer reports are submitted and filed in the Auditor's office. The annual Financial Report is published containing various schedules of the county's financial condition and other taxpayer information. Reports required by the Bureau of Census, Labor, OSHA, Job Service of Iowa and various other general reports are prepared.

Insurance policies and surety bonds are filed and maintained in the Auditor's Office.

It is the responsibility of the Auditor to call a convention of mayors and school board members of the county for the purpose of selecting a County Compensation Board.

The Auditor's office is your source of information concerning the actions of the State Legislature, all bills introduced, House and Senate journals, and enrolled legislation.

Licenses and Permits relating to the control of businesses, sales of cigarettes, beer and liquor.

With the advent of Home Rule authority for county government, the Auditor plays an important role in insuring the proper publication, maintaining the current edition and the proper recording of all county ordinances.

All Drainage records and assessments, bridge and road records are maintained by the Auditor.