Kossuth County Social Services

Courthouse Annex

109 West State Street | Algona , IA 50511 | Phone: (515) 295-9595 | Fax: (515) 295-3464

Office Hours: 8 am to 4 pm, Mon.-Fri.

Service Coordination and General Assistance

The Central Point of Coordination (CPC) office is designated by the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors to assist persons seeking funding from the Kossuth County's Mental Health/ Mental Retardation/ Developmental Disabilities fund. We act as the gatekeeper to a countywide system of services and supports by taking applications, making eligibility decisions, evaluating the needs of individuals, and working to create and implement a service funding plan.

Kossuth County General Assistance provides emergency payment vouchers to needy and poor people in need of immediate assistance or to people who can not obtain assistance from any other source. This program is designed to provide short-term emergency type assistance to persons lacking the resources to meet their basic needs. This program is not intended to provide ongoing, long-term aid to any individuals and/ or family. Persons seeking assistance must complete an application and must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in Kossuth County Relief Guidelines No. VII-II Title: A Guideline. Persons seeking emergency medical care must notify the office the next working day in order for notice to be considered timely.

For more information or to apply for services please contact our office.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the North Central Iowa Mental Health Center at 515-955-7171 or after hours at 1-800-482-8305 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.