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What is GIS and how is it important to Kossuth County?

The acronym stands for Geographic Information System. In a basic form, it’s a way to present geographically referenced data. That data can include roads, property lines, address points, school district boundaries and surveyed section corners just to name a few. Most often the information is placed over aerial imagery in order to provide a more holistic view of how data is related to the real world.

Kossuth County utilizes and updates cadastral information on a routine basis for the purposes of assessment, asset inventory, land ownership and emergency management.

Avialable Data & Fees
Kossuth County data is currently available by request only and requires a signed media agreement from private entities. Applicable fees may apply ($25.00 minimum charge($50/hr rate))

  • Format: ESRI .shp or .gdb
  • Projection: NAD83 State Plane Iowa North
  • Units: US Feet
  • Available Data: Parcels, Political Boundaries, School Districts

Printed GIS maps and customized exhibits up to 36”x48” are available for purchase at the Courthouse. (Ask for the GIS person at the Auditor’s or Assessor’s window located on the second floor)

Kossuth County Aerial Images Explained

Kossuth County contracted aerial image capture in 2006, 2015, 2018 and 2021. Our next scheduled flight is Spring 2024.

Kossuth County Owned Imagery:

  • 2006 - Grayscale - approximately 1 meter per pixel (3.28084 feet per pixel).
  • 2015 - Color - rural areas were captured at 9" per pixel and communities were captured at 4" per pixel.
  • 2018 - Color - rural areas were captured at 6" per pixel and communities were captured at 3" per pixel.
  • 2021 - Color - rural areas were captured at 6" per pixel and communities were captured at 2" per pixel.

The image below helps illustrate the additional detail in the imagery.

Pixel Comparison

You may be asking what does 3" pixel mean? For every 3" on the ground, a camera generates one square pixel of solid color. A close up look at the red car in the driveway shows the individual pixels. Since we know how large each square is, a person could count the number of squares in a given line and multiple it by 3 to get an accurate measurement of the distance in inches.

In addition to more detail in the images, the flights occurred during a time of high water and recent rain events. That combination helped illustrate drainage patterns in farmland and areas susceptible to flooding.
The above visual analysis can be futhur verified with the use of topography data and the available Pictometry Imagery which allows a 360° view of any given area.
The Pictometry Imagery window is located at the bottom of both the Interactive Map and Parcel Search Results Window. Tools in the Interactive Map site also allow users to slide transparency between the 2018 & 2021 imagery.

Please feel free to contact the Kossuth County GIS Coordinator for more information.

GIS Coordinator

Luke Snyder