Kossuth County Conservation Board

1010 250th Street | Algona , IA 50511 | kccb@kossuthccb.com

515-295-2138 (Nature Center Phone) | 515-295-6080 (Maintenance) | 515-295-6833 (Fax)

Office Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm, Mon.-Fri.

Habitat Programs & Services


The Kossuth County Conservation Board offers a variety of services for private landowners interested in establishing wildlife habitat on their property. Technical advice is available for tree planting, native grass seeding, food plots, and wildlife nesting structures.


The Kossuth County Conservation Board annually assists individuals in ordering seedling trees for wildlife plantings. Trees can be ordered September through March or by appointment. Trees are distributed through the Maintenance Shop at Smith Lake office the following April. Assistance in the design of a tree planting or windbreak is available. Tree planters as well as tree bars are available for your tree planting needs. For more information contact the Smith Lake maintenance shop at 515-295-6080. 

Native Grass

The Kossuth County Conservation Board staff will assist landowners in planning and ordering seed for a native grass planting. Native seed can be ordered year round. Call ahead to set up a time to order your seed: 295-6080. Reasonable rates for large quantities of high quality seed will be available. Check out Habitat Equipment.

Food Plots

The Kossuth County Conservation Board annually distributes free corn and sorghum seed for wildlife food plots. Contact the Smith Lake Maintenance Shop 295-6080 office for details.

Wildlife Nesting Structures

For those interested in building nesting structures, the Kossuth County Conservation Board provides design assistance for building structures for the following species: Wood Duck, Goose, Mallard, Bluebird, and American Kestrel.

Habitat Equipment

The following equipment is available to rent:
  1. Tree planting bars – no fee, requires a $25.00 refundable deposit
  2. Tree planter – fee of $10.00, requires a $50.00 refundable deposit
  3. Vicon seed drill - no fee, requires a $50 refundable deposit