Kossuth County Transfer Station

Kossuth County Waste Management Association

2900 130th Ave. | 1 Mile East & 1 Mile South of Burt, lA. | Burt , IA 50522 | Phone: (515) 924-3739

Transfer Station Hours: 7 am to 3 pm, Mon.-Fri., Closed Holidays

Kossuth County Landfill Recyclables

Acceptable Recycling Items

Tin Cans
Food containers only, they must be cleaned and rinsed. The labels may stay. Tin cans, which are NOT ACCEPTABLE, are those that contained toxic substances such as fertilizer, chemicals, paint, etc.

Plastic Containers
Plastic containers with the 1, 2, or 3 triangle symbols on the bottom are accepted. This includes food containers; Milk Jugs, Shampoo and Detergent Containers please rinse, remove and discard lids. Plastic containers that are NOT ACCEPTABLE include Styrofoam, Bleach, Oil, Antifreeze, Pill bottles - anything that contained a toxic substance, Hard plastic - Toys, Floor mats, Tupperware. Plastic bags are also not allowed.

Newspaper and anything that comes with the newspaper is acceptable. Telephone books and junk mail can also be included with newspaper. Also other paper such as computer, writing, typing, photocopy, letterhead and envelopes with color may be recycled with newspaper. Newspaper that is NOT ACCEPTABLE includes catalogs and textbooks. High Quality White Paper White Computer, Writing, Typing, Photocopy, Letterhead and White Windowless Envelopes. Paper that is NOT ACCEPTABLE includes Carbon Paper, Thermo Fax paper, Blueprint paper, Sensitized paper, Film or Photographs, Metal Objects, Spiral Binders and Paper Clips.

Corrugated Cardboard
Clean corrugated Cardboard with out a waxy finish is accepted. Corrugated boxes should be flattened. Pop cartons, Cereal and Detergent Boxes are also accepted and inside bags should be removed. Brown paper bags can go with cardboard. Cardboard that is NOT ACCEPTABLE includes soiled or greasy cardboard and waxed milk cartons

Glass food containers are only accepted. They should be rinsed and the lids should be removed and discarded. The glass should be separated by color (clear, brown and green). Glass that is NOT ACCEPTABLE includes light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, dishes, drinking glasses, ceramics, crystal, and ovenware etc.

Magazines and sampler catalogs are recyclable. Items NOT ACCEPTED, as magazines are large catalogs and textbooks.

The charge for each appliance is $15.00. Appliances that are acceptable are metal white goods, washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, etc. Appliances that are NOT ACCEPTED include televisions, radios and plastic or wood appliances.

Transfer Station Manager

Larry Haase  

Department Staff

Dustin Hansen