Kossuth County Transfer Station

Kossuth County Waste Management Association

2900 130th Ave. | 1 Mile East & 1 Mile South of Burt, lA. | Burt , IA 50522 | Phone: (515) 924-3739

Transfer Station Hours: 8 am to 3 pm, Mon.-Fri., Closed Holidays

The Kossuth County Landfill is owned and operated by the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors. The Kossuth County landfill is located approximately 1-mile east and 1-mile south of Burt. The landfill began operation at its current location in 1971, the landfill then expanded in 1975 and again in 1983 to its current size of 120 acres.

In 1993, the Kossuth County landfill expanded by adding a recycling transfer station for the handling of recyclable materials. Currently the landfill serves all of Kossuth County's rural residents as well as 16 communities that are located in Kossuth County or adjacent counties. The Kossuth County Landfill Service Area has a population of 22,056 people according to the 2000 census.

In 2001, approximately 16,000 tons of garbage and 875 total tons of recyclable materials were brought to the landfill and processed. Garbage can be hauled to the Kossuth County Landfill between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, however the landfill is closed on holidays.

All rural residents of the Kossuth County Landfill Service Area are able to drop off items in the Landfill's recycling drop boxes or directly at the Kossuth County Landfill. All municipal residents arc provided with recycling service through their garbage pickup service .. The Landfill's drop boxes arc located at the corner of McGregor St. and Thorington St. in Algona (next to Algona Publishing). Recyclables must be separated and put into their appropriate place in the drop boxes.

Transfer Station Manager

Larry Haase  

Department Staff

Dustin Hansen